Spectra Precision Laser LL500 Kit

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Logan Contractors Supply
SKU: LL500-2

This LL500-2 Spectra Precision package contains a 15-foot aluminum grade rod that measures in inches, a rod clamp, an aluminum tripod, a carrying case, and the HL700 laser receiver.

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The Spectra LL500 Long-Range Laser Level is self-leveling within 11 arc minutes – less than 1 degree. The highly visible beam automatically locates the laser plane and the automatic leveler has a piece on the bottom that helps level the instrument on the tripod using dials and a bubble vial.
The LL500 level is accurate to 1/16 inches at 100 feet, has a wide operating diameter of 1,600 feet, and easy one-button operation. Plus, the out-of-level alert ensures accuracy and automatically shuts off the beam if it is bumped out of level.