Chem-Crete Pavix CCC100 1 Gallon

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Logan Contractors Supply-Materials

CHEM-CRETE PAVIX CCC100 is a unique water-based chemical product for the ultimate treatment and permanent protection of large-scale concrete substrates against temperature and all water and moisture associated problems such as thermal cracking, damage caused by repeated freeze and thaw cycles, chloride ion penetration, as well as alkali silica reactions.


 CHEM-CRETE PAVIX CCC100 keeps treated concrete reasonably dry, thus eliminates all water and moisture associated problems. CHEM-CRETE PAVIX CCC100 provides three effective mechanisms for concrete protection in all weather conditions by formation of two types of crystals in addition to moisture repellency action. In the presence of water, one type of the crystals present in the product swells, therefore, blocking the pores completely. The second type of crystals absorbs the extra moisture on the surface of the first crystal preventing surface moisture on that crystal from diffusion to the concrete. These hygroscopic and hydrophilic properties provide double and durable protection against moisture penetration in concrete.

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