Kraft 10" x 4" Coarse Cell Red Rubber Float

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Logan Contractors Supply
SKU: PL382

•Securely cemented to flat aluminum back •Smooth out irregularities •Compresses material on wet surfaces to bring some sand and aggregate to the surface •Balanaced handle for comfortable use


Coarse Cell Red Rubber FloatThe 10 In. x 4 In. red rubber pad is securely cemented to the flat aluminum back. The .062 In. aluminum backing is lightweight, yet strong for applying a rough or texture finish to plaste, concrete, or any sand surface. This popular coarse rubber pad is designed to smooth out irregularities on the surface and create a fine texture on plaster, stucco, and concrete applications. On wet surfaces compresses material to bring sand out to the surface for a coarse finish. The pad is 3/4 In. thick with a coarse finish that creates a cushioning and considerable wear before replacement. The precisely balanced 7-1/4 In. smooth wood handle is comfortable to grip. Proudly made in the USA.