Kraft 6" x 3" 1/4"R Stainless Steel Curved Ends Edger

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Logan Contractors Supply
SKU: CF141

•1/4" radius on stainless steel blade •Smooth radius prevents chipping of slabs •Both ends curved for back and forth movements •Steel mounting welded to blade


Stainless Steel Curved Ends Hand Sidewalk Edger:
The 6" long stainless steel blade moves smoothly along edges of concrete sidewalks and slabs. This edger creates a 1/4" radius, with a 3/8" lip, on the edge of concrete slabs to prevents the edges from chipping with wear. The 3" wide tool provides the perfect amount of coverage on sidewalks and small projects. Both ends curve up to easily glide back and forth across the surface without gouging. A steel mounting welded to blade attaches the smooth wood handle. Proudly made in the USA.