Kraft EZ-Kneeler™ Kneeboard

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Logan Contractors Supply
SKU: WL069

•1-1/2" thick foam cushion provides comfortable support •Polypropylene tray is washable and chemical resistant. •Large handle grips for support and carrying. •Made in the USA


EZ-Kneeler™ Kneeboard:
Provides the knees comfortable support and protect - so no more sore knees! A 1-1/2" thick foam cushion provides knees with a comfortable support and protection. The 12-1/4"x13-1/2" pad is securely fastened to a durable 14"x24" tray. The lightweight polypropylene tray features hand holds for easy transport. The tray is washable and chemical resistant. The tray and pad are both washable and chemical resistant. A favorite of concrete finishers, tile installers, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, automotive mechanics, and more. Proudly made in the USA.